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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy to report we did not blow away in Hurricane Sandy. Feeling very lucky to have escaped with relatively minor troubles . Mr. C.'s car had a couple of inches of water in the floor. We have no idea how that happened. We lost power last night just as we were going to bed. Unfortunately, one of us had left the door of the fridge slightly ajar, and as the power was out, it couldn't chirp and remind us. So we lost the contents. I actually think that was Mother Nature's way of saying, "Girl, you need to clean out this refrigerator!" She was right, and now it's done. 
Our power is back on. Scout and the horses are delighted to have so much mud to roll around in, and I am trying not to complain too much about the muddy paw prints, as we are feeling fortunate indeed, that we suffered no major damage in the storm. Sending thoughts and prayers to those folks who weren't so lucky and are still struggling with the aftermath.
I have some storm damage pictures, but those are for another day. Today is for wishing you a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN, and showing you some hastily snapped photos of  Barn Bug critters from this afternoon.
Nigel, the Man!!
Mud Witch. I know, but we did just have a HURRICANE!
Scoutie isn't into masks yet. Hopefully, by next year she'll be as cooperative as The Nige. Ha!
Wood nymph?

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