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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Last Sunday, because the weather was decent-ish for January, and because Santa brought us these...
We loaded them in the truck and drove down to Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge to break them in.  Fitz (the cat from down the street who wants to live with us) thought for sure he was meant to go along. We hated to disappoint him because...look at that face!
When we came out of the house, he was waiting in the truck. So sure we would want him. Do they make cat carriers for bicycles?
Anyway, off we went, making a 10 mile loop through Blackwater by bike, then driving back through because we saw so many more birds than last time, and I was itching to take pictures. 
Pedaling through Blackwater gives you a much better sense of what is actually going on there. There are much longer rides if you're up for it. I'll post a link at the bottom. You don't appreciate the level of quacking, flapping, and honking that is going on from a car. The tide was extremely low and there were so many minnows in the shallow water that you could actually hear the water churning as you rode past. I wish you could have been there!
Let's look at some a lot of pics. You're not allergic to Great Blue Heron are you?

Nutria tracks.
Read more here:  Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. Feeling very lucky to have this nearby.  Hope you had time to go outside and see something amazing last weekend. XO.

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