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Monday, April 29, 2013


Today is such a gloomy, rainy, Monday. Glad we had a brilliant sunny weekend to remember. All sorts of springtime fun was afoot on Saturday. Took Scout and Nigel to Oxford Day. Mike likes to call Oxford, "Mayberry for millionaires." It is charming and if you long for sailboats and picket fences, it's just the thing.
The dogs enjoyed the parade except for the drums. Poor Scout does not like drums. At all.
The way we should all feel on a sunny Saturday in spring.
Poor doggers were exhausted, and asleep before we left the parking lot.
Dropped the pooped dogs at home. Ate the first Trappe Lions barbecued chicken of the season, and popped down to St. Michaels for Wine Fest.
Glorious bloomers everywhere.
My guy at the St. Michaels Brewery.
Guess who rode 22 miles on her bike on Sunday? This girl. Took the bikes down to Dorchester County, parked at a public boat ramp and pedaled the 11 miles to Hooper's Island and back. Oh the sights you see, when you're on two wheels instead of four!
Thought this looked like a sad sea serpent, washed ashore. I did want to bring it home, but it was about 8 feet long, and it was all I could do to haul my own washed up carcass that distance.
Mike loved this house we spied from the top of the Hooper's Island bridge. It looked as if it was crouching there, bracing for the next hurricane.
Watched Papa Osprey scoop up a fish and deliver it to this chimney nest.
Hope you had sunny weather and a chance to get outside and enjoy! XO.

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