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Monday, June 10, 2013


Our girl bought a bike. We picked it up on Saturday, in the pouring rain, then waited impatiently for the remnants of tropical storm Andrea to move on. Then we rode. And rode. On Sunday, we rode some more.
Take a look...
I'm a little dragonfly obsessed at the moment. This amputee didn't appear hindered by his disability.
Of course we rode through Blackwater. This bald eagle surprised us by landing in a tree right next to the road.
Trying to photograph turtles on a log is so maddening. There were seven when I raised my camera. Four slipped into the water before I could focus. Happens every time.
Added to my window/door collection.
Quite a few of the back roads looked like this. We pedaled through, even though there were SNAKES. Our socks and shoes got soaked, but we felt very adventurous, and squelched our way into Layton's Winery at the end, rewarding ourselves with wine slushies.
Sweet Goldenrod. I think.
I love country roads in summer. So much fun, cruising along with my camera. I usually bring up the rear, as I brake for ladybugs, and dragonflies, and wildflowers, and such. I can though, be quite speedy when I see a snake. Also, swerve-y and scream-y.
Now the rain is back, so no country roads today, but I have my pics, and I'm itching to start a project with that little honeysuckle door.
Have a great week, blog friends. XO

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