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Sunday, January 19, 2014


Sinclair Lewis said, "Winter is not a season, it's an occupation." So true for me at present.  I am occupied with mud. Wiping it from paws, picking it out of hooves, brushing it from horse hair. Trying to keep it from taking over the house. Abby rolls in it every time I take her blanket off, then I have to brush it out before I can blanket her again. I find myself looking forward to the bitter cold days that freeze the ground and offer a respite.                                                         
Last week our girl visited. She brought young Gus, and a rotten cold, and we were delighted to have her. A bright spot in a dull month. We rambled around with our cameras, revisiting some favorite spots, and even venturing back out at night to catch the full moon and the lighthouse in the fog.
Mud wrestlers.
View from the dock at Old Trinity Church.
This one is definitely going to become a mixed-media piece.
Heron at Blackwater.
I love how clear the river water becomes in winter.
Wolf moon.
Hope you're finding some bright spots in your January. 

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