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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Over the weekend we had the privilege of attending two fun fall festivals. The Alpaca Festival at Outstanding Dreams Alpaca Farm in Preston and Summer Send Off in Cambridge. This year, the Summer Send Off street party coincided with the Ironman Maryland competition. By 7pm on Saturday the athletes were on the last leg of the competition and spectators could cheer them on while enjoying live music, adult beverages, and great street food. 
Let's look at some pics...
Two crias were born in the two days prior to the festival. They are impossibly cute.
My next truck.
Want so many things in the Farm Shop...
Bought this spinner from art welder, Paul Hays.
We felt like such slackers when we realized some of the athletes in Ironman had about twenty years on us. Seriously, this was taken around 7pm, these people had been biking, swimming, and running since 6am. Wow.
I'm also still playing around with spooky Halloween photos. Do you love old dolls, or find them creepy? I find them a little creepy, so....BOO!
Also taking on the Herculean task of cleaning up my workroom, but keep getting distracted by projects...cut my favorite old tattered quilt into manageable sized pieces to reduce the bulk and started this...don't know where it's going but I had to start something because I am so in love with these fabrics.
Even, or maybe especially, the falling apart bits make my heart sing.
Hope you're working on something that makes your heart sing or you're having good fall fun of one sort or another. Lest you think it's all fun and games, I took a cat to the vet yesterday. Good times. XO.

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