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Friday, September 19, 2014


It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day me hearties, so of course Nigel had to mark the occasion with a little dress-up. You know how he is.
I really like his expression in this next pick, but it was a total fail on the part of me, his dresser. Note the errant earring and the strap of the eye patch going the wrong way. I plead sleep deprivation, my DH was away this week and I never sleep well when he's not here. Not that I didn't have hairy legs in my bed, but they were the four-legged kind. Nice, but not quite the same.
I like a holiday that requires no special food or gift-giving, just a few words of prate-speak and you're good to go. Silly, simple fun.
He's a good and patient boy, my Nigel.
As the Autumn Equinox approaches, I am making ready for winter. Picked up a load of hay for Abby, which was a bit of poor planning on my part. With Mike away, there was only Fitz to help me unload, and his skills are more supervisory in nature than paws on, except in the area of rodent control. The Catman excels in that area.
Treated myself to a stop at TJ Farms for pumpkins and tomatoes. It's on the way and the time for tasty tomatoes is fast drawing to a close. I may have over pumpkin-ed. The farmer was just bringing in a load of gourds and we had a good laugh about the white one. He had no idea what it was called and had never seen one like it. Anyone?

I played around with them, creating some spooky Halloween vignettes, with mixed results. I have a special fondness for the tiny white ones.
Hope you have some autumnal fun planned for the weekend. I'm going to the Alpaca Festival at Outstanding Dreams Farm. There's a brand new cria, born this week, and lots of new alpaca wool items in the shop. Expect to take plenty of pics.
So that's it, except to say, " scurvy land lubbing bilge rats," and now you've heard the whole of my pirate vocabulary. XO.

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  1. ha ha - that Nigel is just too much. What a patient guy. And who knew he spoke Pirate??? LOVE the pumpkins - I just adore all things Fall. :)


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