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Friday, March 20, 2015


While Las Vegas is not a vacation destination we would normally choose, Mike had to go on business and I tagged along because I had reached the absolute end of my tolerance for MUD. It was sunny and warm, and in four days I did not see a single snow flurry or bit of slush. Lovely! Excellent meals, some Cirque de Soleil, a Faberge exhibit at the Bellagio, and miles of walking with my camera. My Fitbit is proud and sending me encouraging messages. Thirty thousand blister inducing steps in one day! A personal best to ease the guilt of those excellent meals.
We arrived home in the wee hours this morning, caught some sleep and woke to snow, which turned to rain and now more MUD. I am grateful for the getaway and the first day of spring. 
It took some doing, but I managed to find some wildlife that looked like this, in Vegas...
Tropical gardens at the Flamingo.
Rather than this...

The Wynn.
Caesar's Palace. The Forum Shoppes.
Pansy parasols at the Wynn.
Happy first day of spring, blog friends! Wish you were there! XO

P.S. Hey, you people with selfie sticks, be careful. You're gonna put somebody's eye out!


  1. Great shots, Mary. And 30,000 steps! Yowza! I thought my 20,000 was impressive! Good for you1

  2. Awesome, photos - scratching my head over the second one - LOL. I wouldn't choose Vegas either, but enjoyed these shots. Happy walking - wow.

  3. You managed to get some great shots - especially the wild life. Vegas is a great place to walk and observe. Can't wait to see the artwork inspired by the second photo...


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